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US advocacy group backs artists in termination rights case against the majors
Another Local Radio Freedom Act proposed in the US
Michael Jackson estate goes legal over HBO documentary
Live Nation buys Norway's Tons Of Rock festival
Amy Winehouse hologram tour on hold
Stansted Airport to put on gig in its departure lounge
CMU Insights: The next round of seminars are all about marketing
Breakdancing could become an Olympic sport in 2024
Final draft in hand, music industry reps call on EU law-makers to pass the European Copyright Directive
Group bidding to set up new US mechanicals society dispute rival's
Smirnoff teams up with Annie Mac for latest phase of its Equalising Music programme
New event to stage live recordings of popular podcasts
Trailer circulates for new Michael Jackson documentary
BRIT Awards presented, broadcast and streamed
SoundCloud adds distribution to other streaming services to Pro offering
Warner's Atlantic allies with hip hop management firm R Baron Group
AIM announces Ninja Tune boss as new Chair
YouTube updates community guidelines, though copyright rules remain unchanged
Greatest Hits Radio teams up with Now for a retro chart show
CMU:DIY: Industry Take Over All-Dayer returns
New Zealand declines to issue interim injunction against consumer confusing Viagogo
Settlement agreed in Rhapsody mechanicals class action
European Commission deletes blog post that laid into copyright directive critics
Music Venue Trust recruiting 'venue champions' for data gathering exercise
More details announced about Bauer's new classical music radio station
LMFAO song-theft case to be split into two court hearings
Judge says Miley Cyrus lyric-theft case shouldn't be dismissed on summary judgment
Live Nation buys Finnish hip hop festival
European Commission lays into the tech sector over copyright directive lobbying, as everyone else comments on the final draft
Clint Mansell signs Decca publishing deal