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Jon Bon Jovi and fans writing COVID-19 anthem thousands of verses long
Ed Sheeran's local café has an emergency bottle of ketchup for his use only
Abbey Road crossing repainted while would-be crossers remain on lockdown
Fox and iHeart to broadcast Elton John-hosted COVID-19 benefit concert releases new version of Bono's coronavirus song
Taylor Swift and Kanye West feud blows up again
Ghosts guest on new Foo Fighters album
Celebrity quarantine version of John Lennon's Imagine meets with mixed response
Kelis to launch cannabis cookery show
Bono posts new song inspired by Italians singing on COVID-19 lockdown
Eminem hasn't released a new album called Marshall Law (and the US hasn't imposed martial law)
Popstars duped by fake coronavirus singalong videos - but not the squeaky clean Killers
The internet means Live Aid could never happen again, says Bob Geldof
Lewis Capaldi taunts Noel Gallagher in trailer for cover song
Fyre Festival's Andy King books UK speaking tour
Foals offer corona-busting hand sanitation advice in Wash Off video
Etiquette advisor says it's a shame Lewis Capaldi swears so much
Robbie Williams says he turned down Queen frontman job
Lady Gaga says coronavirus meeting interruption is
Sophie Turner
Public Enemy deny firing Flavor Flav over political views
Liam Gallagher says
New Oasis-only clubnight to launch in London next month
Britney Spears shares
Is Justin Bieber on a mission to destroy all nature?
Finneas O'Connell denies he and Billie Eilish were helped by their parents' entertainment industry connections
Grimes wants her baby to rave
Neil Young publishes another Trump rant
Foals talk about new bassist Jack Freeman
Lewis Capaldi would like to do the next Bond theme (obviously)