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Fyre Festival fraudster out of prison
Sarah Brightman and Alfie Boe aiming for jubilee number one with new recording of God Save The Queen
Italian police say pro-Russian hackers attempted to stop Ukraine winning Eurovision
Ukraine wins Eurovision Song Contest, UK comes second
Madonna discusses NFT collection:
Coldplay address criticism of some eco-tour partners
Rick Astley is cool with not being cool
The Kunts hoping for Jubilee hit single
Daniel Ek says Spotify's
Madonna requests meeting with Pope Francis
Dolly Parton “honoured” to be inducted into Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, despite trying to have her name taken off the ballot
Sex Pistols to celebrate Queen’s platinum jubilee with God Save The Queen re-issues
Vans gets injunction against Tyga and MSCHF's Wavy Baby trainers
Metallica launch Rye The Lightning whiskey
The Wiggles call Lil Nas X’s bluff on tour offer
Justin Bieber releases 75 second new single, I Feel Funny
Pusha T comments on feud between Kanye and Kid Cudi: “It sucks”
Lorde addresses viral ‘shushing’ video
Ed Sheeran releases 2step remix in aid of Ukraine
Tyga’s MSCHF trainers prompt legal battle with Vans
Noel Gallagher’s guitar broken the night Oasis split up to be auctioned
John Lydon says “dead wood” bandmates would be nothing without him
Absolute listeners vote 2010s as the worst ever decade for music
Gene Simmons says Kiss farewell tour really will be their last: “Not every band should be out there too long”
Kurt Cobain's ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ guitar up for auction
Donald Trump opens for Kid Rock
Geezer Butler invites fan input on name for his autobiography
Paul McCartney demo tape up for auction
Musicians offered chance to write music in Paul McCartney's childhood home
Flea's daughter discovered actual practical use for a Grammy award