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Silent vinyl is here for when you just want a bit of quiet
Roger Daltrey doesn't understand Brexit pressures on younger g-generation, says MEP
Bohemian Rhapsody editor discusses quick cut criticism
Fall Out Boy sued for excessive use of llamas
MySpace loses pre-2015 archive
Slipknot percussionist pre-empts new album and tour by suing bandmates
Ariana Grande is vegan, but her new Starbucks collaboration isn't
Rumours of a Bohemian Rhapsody sequel begin to spread
Ed Sheeran neighbours claim pond is a pool
David Bowie's early Starman demo tape to go up for auction
Chemical Brothers create
Lizzo out-flutes Ron Burgundy
Mac DeMarco channels Mitski (a bit, sort of) for new album
Royal Trux disagree over whether or not they've split up again
Morrissey collaborator pleads ignorance on controversial political views
Diplo makes appearance in new Pokémon movie
Ed Sheeran among artists considered too
Drake named Global Recording Artist Of 2018 by the IFPI
Working with repetitious playlists a bit like actual torture
Real Estate say song in flat Earth doc is
Breakdancing could become an Olympic sport in 2024
Newhaven to get Eazy-E tribute
Foals' fill-in bassist is Everything Everything you'd expect
Fat White Family with Sleaford Mods on those
REM get Trump's 'Everybody Hurts' video taken down
Fyre founder Ja Rule wants to have another go at staging an
Pearl Jam announce five-headed ambassador attack for Record Store Day 2019
Seth Rogen and The Lonely Island working on Fyre Festival-inspired comedy film
Grammys keep controversy to a minimum, as Childish Gambino emerges as the night's big winner