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Drake claims to have signed up for ten year Camp Flog Gnaw residency, after being booed off at the Tyler, The Creator festival
Francis Rossi won't share I'm A Celebrity toilet
Sinitta says she invented pop group TV show format, not Simon Cowell or Little Mix
TI discusses annual check-ups on his daughter's virginity
My Chemical Romance predicted 2019's Chilean unrest in a 2011 tweet and we're freaking out
Simon Cowell declares war on Little Mix (apparently)
Smash Hits returns (as an advertising pamphlet, just like you always wanted)
Threatin returns to Camden with two film projects to plug
Ed Sheeran worries about being overexposed, no matter what Prince says
Kanye West claims God gave him a tax rebate
Justin Bieber will release album in return for 20 million Instagram likes
Kurt Cobain's cardigan sells for over $330,000
Kanye West waffles more nonsense ahead of new album (yet to) launch
Owner of Kurt Cobain's MTV Unplugged cardigan says he's selling it because it's too powerful
Nicki Minaj clarifies 'retirement' tweet
Perth Festival to pay tribute to AC/DC's Bon Scott with its own Highway To Hell
Justin Bieber sued for posting a picture of himself on Instagram
Radio 4 presenter apologises after sweary interruption
Elton John says new version of The Lion King
Charli XCX says music video car fire was environmentally friendly
Plastician demands Uber explain how a cab to Croydon ended up in the East Midlands
Ja Rule says he hasn't seen either Fyre Festival documentary, which might explain why he thinks reviving the event is a good idea
Slayer deny making $10 million from Kardashians connection
Olivia Neutron-John drops name following cease-and-desist from Olivia Newton-John
Why was the Five Star 'apology' so fucking crap?
Takedown notice against Trump's Nickelback video was sent by Warner Music
A-ha not best pleased that Donald Trump ripped off their Take On Me video
Death metal Greta Thunberg gets official release to raise money for Greenpeace