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​Bieber’s face tattoo reminds us that he is our saviour

By | Published on Tuesday 10 May 2016

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s struggle is real. Not only does he have to contend with the responsibility of being the greatest human to ever live, he’s having to work out his relationship to a higher power in public. Is he the messiah, is he not the messiah? These are questions he faces every day. Which is why he’s had a cross tattooed on his face.

The new artwork was done last Friday, with Bieber giving fans a better look on Instagram under the pretence of showing the world how to properly rest prior to a live performance. Bieber is, of course, too meek to simply come out and say, “Hey guys, look at the tattoo I had done on my face”.

Actually talking about the tattoo has been left to the artist who created it, who told Us Weekly: “It represents his journey in finding purpose with God”.

Let’s hope this brings him one step closer to being comfortable with the fact that he is our saviour. If not, maybe a fish on the chin will help.