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5.4 million people tuned into Kanye West’s album preview stream

By | Published on Thursday 12 August 2021

Kanye West

The livestream of Kanye West’s second listening party for new album ‘Donda’, via Apple Music last week, attracted 2 million more viewers that the first preview event last month, according to sources that have spoken to Billboard.

Apparently the livestream of last week’s event, staged at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, was watched by 5.4 million people, up from the 3.3 million who tuned into the previous preview bash. That also made it the biggest-ever livestream on the Apple Music platform.

The fact that the new album did not, as originally expected, appear on the streaming services the day after the first listening party was what possible motivated 2 million more people to access last week’s livestream.

True, the album was also due to go live the day after the second preview event, but by last week most fans probably anticipated – correctly – that that would not happen, and that maybe tuning into the livestream would be the only way to hear this new record anytime soon.

Though, officially, ‘Donda’ is still due to arrive on digital services any day now, though we’ll see I guess.

Meanwhile, reports earlier this week that West et al had relocated to another stadium to finish work on the record were false, apparently. Those reports were based on a tweet by West collaborator KayCyy, but he now says his Twitter account was hacked.

West had previously set up base at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium to finish production of the album.