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50 Cent wants to release back-to-back albums

By | Published on Monday 23 January 2012

50 Cent

So, 50 Cent says a lot of things (some slightly far-fetched, like that time he said he’d quite like to be a bird), the latest being that he wouldn’t be averse to releasing his next two albums in quick succession, perhaps by cutting short each LP’s live and promotional campaigns.

Of course, Fiddy has been moaning for some time about just how long his label, Universal’s Interscope, has been taking to release his new long player, which might be why his mind is already onto the follow up.

Speaking to Forbes on the subject of future plans, the rapper says: “I’m not sure if I’ll tour the world [alongside the next LP], like I did on my last project, because it makes my album cycles two years long. I think I’d like to launch this record and then come right back and launch another record following it”.

He adds: “I just feel like because I’ve created so much, I want to be able to get it out”.

What Interscope think about those plans isn’t clear. Though, 50 clearly wants some new tracks to perform at any future live shows, also telling Forbes when asked about performing his past hits: “Some of my biggest records? I hate to perform them. I’m really not excited to perform because I’m like: ‘Oh here we go, this song again'”.