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5ive plea for fifth member

By | Published on Friday 18 January 2013


Having the number of members listed in your name when you launch a reunion is not generally a concern for 90s pop acts (I’m looking at you, S Club 7). However, 5ive seem to want to do it properly this time ahead of that previously reported ITV2 pop reunions show.

Earlier this month the band posted a photo on Facebook with the caption “Five back?” But the astute among you will notice that there are only four people in that photo. Of course, Jason ‘J’ Brown is missing, possibly because he couldn’t get the angles of his beard straight in time.

It’s alright though, the band’s manager Chris Herbert has apparently got on the case, sending out a plea for a fifth member on Facebook, saying: “Looking for a member to join an established and extremely successful band. If you are male… late 20s early 30s, singer and/or rapper, great looks and swagga, inbox me… THIS COULD BE YOUR CALLING!”

However, a source tells The Sun that this may not be necessary, as the band members themselves are currently arguing over whether or not they should just change their name. Said source claims: “Scott wants to ditch it, saying it’s stupid, but Ritchie Neville wants to keep it. And Ritchie sounds like an extra in ‘Neighbours’ after years of pulling pints over there [ie living in Australia]”.

I’m not sure if sounding like an extra in ‘Neighbours’ gives Ritchie more sway in the argument, but I guess it can’t hurt.