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6 fans trying to get Half Man Half Biscuit into the charts

By | Published on Friday 9 April 2010

I’ve been meaning to mention this all week, but there is still time. Members of the Save 6music Facebook group are trying to get a song by indie curiosities Half Man Half Biscuit to number six in this week’s singles chart.

Which is pretty ambitious – [a] getting a top ten single these days requires rather a lot of sales and [b] aiming for a specific chart position other than number one is almost an impossible feat to achieve. Still, that’s obviously not the point; rather it’s an effort to keep the Save 6 campaign in the news while championing a band who are very much in the spirit of the only British radio station who genuinely supports the more quirky artists and bands of planet indie.

The aim is to get the band’s ‘Joy Division Oven Gloves’ into the chart this Sunday, which means that if you want to join in the fun you need to go and download that track from a chart-returning download store by midnight tomorrow.

According to The Guardian, the owner of Half Man Half Biscuit’s record label Probe Plus said the band’s frontman Nigel Blackwell was “flattered” by the attention, and that while ‘Joy Division Oven Gloves’ is by no means the band’s best song, he understood why it was a fun choice for a Save 6 publicity stunt.

While admitting he didn’t think 6music was quite as good now as it was a few years back, he said it was still a “smashing station”, adding that it was the first national station to play Half Man Half Biscuit since John Peel and Andy Kershaw’s shows disappeared from the Radio 1 schedules.