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6 Music announces new daytime schedule

By | Published on Friday 10 August 2018

BBC Radio 6 Music has announced a big old re-jig of its schedule, shuffling presenters around left, right and centre. The big news is that Shaun Keaveny is off weekday breakfasts after eleven years, replaced by Lauren Laverne.

Laverne shifts forward out of her current mid-morning slot, although not quite as far as you might expect. Her breakfast show will start half an hour later than Keaveny’s. But don’t worry, Chris Hawkins’ early breakfast show will be extended in order to avoid there being 30 minutes of silence every morning.

Keaveny isn’t being put out to pasture, by the way. He’s moving over to weekday afternoons. He’s replacing Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie, who are moving to the weekend breakfast slot. They push Mary Anne Hobbs over to weekday mid-mornings, thus filling Laverne’s former position and completing the circle.

“I’m so excited about our new show and delighted to be part of the next phase of 6 Music’s evolution”, says Laverne. “Whatever the day brings for our listeners we intend to get them ready for it with a fantastic selection of music and guests who have something worth hearing to say. I can’t wait to get started!”

Keaveny adds: “The last eleven years, four months and three days of breakfast radio has allowed me to create an entire world of daftness, aided and abetted by my most wonderful listeners, who I’m chuffed to be able to leave in the care of my relay partner, Lauren Laverne”.

“Breakfast radio has reduced me to the kind of person that cries at traffic lights and remonstrates with shopping trolleys”, he goes on. “So I give joyful thanks for the opportunity to take my show into the afternoons and sleep past 5.13am”.

None of this shuffling about will actually happen until early next year, mind, so you’ve got plenty of time to get used to the idea. Or to start listening to 6 Music anew, accustom yourself to the current schedule, and then get used to the idea of the revamped line up.

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