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6ix9ine’s Gooba briefly removed from YouTube due to copyright claim

By | Published on Wednesday 3 June 2020

Tekashi 6ix9ine

6ix9ine has been accused of plagiarism by Kenyan producer Magix Enga in a row that saw the US rapper’s recent track ‘Gooba’ briefly taken down from YouTube. Although the track was reinstated to the Google video site, Enga insists that this was because he retracted his copyright claim after being paid an undisclosed sum.

Enga initially announced that he had logged a takedown notice with YouTube against ‘Gooba’ in an Instagram post, writing: “Don’t sample my beats. [6ix9ine’s] biggest song delete[d] by Magix Enga”.

The producer went on to say that 6ix9ine had used, without permission, samples he had posted on his website several years ago. However, he later said that he had now forgiven 6ix9ine and therefore retracted his takedown notice. He subsequently added that he’d received money from 6ix9ine, which he planned to donate to people in need.

After ‘Gooba’ reappeared on YouTube, Enga wrote on Instagram: “Y’all need to know that he did not sample my beats, he used just one of my sample kits. I have my own sample kits and I uploaded them six years ago. Only producers can understand this. So YouTube had to take that song down, and because I don’t want to fight I decided to put that song back on YouTube after receiving some cash and I want to give that money to those who can’t afford a meal today”.

6ix9ine has not made a public statement about any of this. He has announced that he’s started work on a new album though, so he’s probably busy with that.