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8tracks announces some direct deals with labels

By | Published on Friday 10 April 2015


8tracks, the US-based personalised radio service that isn’t Pandora, has followed the lead of its bigger rival by doing some direct deals with a number of labels and distributors, even though it can operate its service under a SoundExchange licence, so doesn’t actually need any direct arrangements with record companies.

Pandora did a direct deal with indie label repping Merlin, which included marketing kickbacks, and 8tracks alliances with INgrooves, CD Baby, Dim Mak and DashGo include similar elements. It’s though that these deals see the labels offer slightly more favourable rates than available through SoundExchange on the basis that the marketing benefits will increase overall listening and therefore overall income.

8tracks CEO Dave Porter told Billboard that talks are underway with other labels about direct deals, especially with indies but also including some majors.