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Eddy Says: A quick update

By | Published on Monday 10 May 2010

Eddy Temple Morris

I can’t write a big splurgey piece this week, as I’m in the middle of a run of Losers gigs. We supported Shy Child in Kingston on Thursday, and Gary Numan on Saturday (the latter was named by Tom and Marcus – from Midimidis, who regularly sings with us now – “the best gig of their combined lives”) plus we’re supporting Shy Child again tonight at John Kennedy’s X-posure Live at The Camden Barfly.

Which reminds me of something. Both Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip texted into the show on Friday, they were each in different cars, heading in opposite directions after a gig. Funny that they both put on Xfm rather than Radio 1 and got involved.

In our texting we shared our mutual admiration and gratitude for John Kennedy, as we both know the warm feeling of being championed by this great radio maestro. Dan confessed that he pretty much owes his entire career to him. I can’t say that, but John’s amazing and genuine support for Losers has made me realise how some of the bands I champion on The Remix feel about that support. Which reminds why I do what I do, and why I accept such a laughably low fee to do it! Some things really aren’t about money but about love and about helping others.

Speaking of which, I’m also working on a pilot at the moment, for Xfm, featuring an old Kiss FM legend, a very funny man, and I hope it works. It’s taking up all my time before I have to sound check, hence this poor excuse for a column. I really should get back to it, but before I do, I have to share one thing with you: the over-riding feeling I have at the moment, which is one of betrayal. Yes, it’s time to talk politics.

The only box on a ballot paper I have ever put a cross in, my whole life, was the one next to a Labour candidate… but this time around I genuinely thought that the Lib Dems had a shot at really shaking things up, so I gave them my support, as did many of my friends and colleagues, all natural Labour supporters.

To then have that vote usurped and turned into a Tory one has left me feeling sick. I have a special loathing reserved for the Conservative Party, as I’m old enough to remember what they did in the 80s and 90s and never want this country to go down that dark road again. Nick Clegg’s dealing with this shower of bastards has made me so upset, so angry, I feel like I’ve been peeled and rolled in salt.

Hopefully, by next week I’ll be feeling a little less upset by all this, til then, please forgive me, and let’s hope that by next Monday we’ll have got a bit closer to knowing who on Earth is going to help get us out of this political cluster-fuck. Or who is going to get us even deeper in the shit. My feeling is that there’s a storm coming, another financial cataclysm.

My God, I have a feeling we’re really going to need things like Xposure and The Remix just to take our minds off this nightmare for a few precious hours each day.

With love and respect,

Eddy Says from this edition of the CMU Remix Update.

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