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A rush of blood to the mouth: Chris Martin off the veg

By | Published on Thursday 3 July 2014

Chris Martin & Gwyneth Paltrow

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has given up being vegetarian since “consciously uncoupling” from his wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, earlier this year. Though he’s limiting his meat choices to animals that he could kill himself. Note that’s ‘could kill’ not ‘has killed’.

Speaking to Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2, Martin said: “I’d only eat something that I think I could kill. I’d kill a fish. Not a giraffe”.

I’m not sure if he means morally or physically, cos I’m pretty sure I could kill a giraffe if I gave it a good go. Whatever, it all makes The Daily Mash and Newsthump look less like purveyors of spoof news stories and more like clairvoyants. Sort of.