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A$AP Rocky draughts in Rihanna and Morrissey to help on new album

By | Published on Thursday 20 May 2021

A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky has announced that he has worked with both Rihanna and Morrissey on his new album, ‘All Smiles’. The dream team.

In the case of Rihanna, she seems to have taken on more of an executive producer roll, commenting on tracks rather than contributing herself. A$AP Rocky is at something an advantage when it comes to securing this particular collaborator, given that they are currently dating.

On Rihanna’s contribution and influence on his new material, he tells GQ: “I think it’s important to have somebody that you can bounce those creative juices and ideas off of. It’s just a different point of view”.

Rocky isn’t dating Morrissey, he’s just a big fan. And, he says, he’s been working with the former Smith vocalist for the last year. What has Morrissey been doing though? Well, a bit of everything, it seems. “Anything you need him to do, he [will] show up and do [it]”, says the rapper.

This apparently includes writing, producing and singing on the record. And maybe even ensuring a bit of a backlash in the media when it’s released in the UK.

All of this, says the rapper, has resulted on a “way more mature” body of work, compared to his previous releases. Currently having the final touches put on it, a release date for ‘All Smiles’ is yet to be announced. The album will be A$AP Rocky’s first since 2018’s ‘Testing’.