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Abbey Road extends alliance with Chandler Limited

By | Published on Friday 29 August 2014

Abbey Road Studios

Universal’s Abbey Road Studios has extended its partnership with audio kit maker Chandler Limited, which will see the latter continue to sell and expand its ‘Abbey Road Series’ of audio equipment, which carry the Abbey Road and EMI brands (Abbey Road coming to Universal via its EMI acquisition of course, and the EMI Record Engineering Development Department having built lots of sound recording kit there back in the day).

Confirming Abbey Road’s ten year partnership with Chandler is being renewed, the studio’s Head Of Audio Products Mirek Stiles told reporters: “Thanks to Chandler Limited, a whole new generation of engineers and producers today have access to EMI hardware, inspired by the very units used to record some of the biggest pop hits in history. Abbey Road Studios is extremely proud to be associated with these excellent examples of quality recording hardware. We are delighted that our partnership has been extended and look forward to releasing new products that continue to keep the Electronic And Musical Industries legend alive”.

Meanwhile Chandler Limited’s Chief Designer Wade Goeke said: “I’m delighted to be starting a new era with Abbey Road Studios. We have already logged ten years together, but this new agreement will allow us to expand our product lines and develop our relationship as a whole. We will be offering products based upon classic EMI equipment that has never been modelled before, including REDD and RS units, as well as new directions in the TG line. There are also a few tricks that we have up our sleeve, which I think will surprise people. We are very excited about what the future holds”.