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Above & Beyond make new album available in Calm meditation app

By | Published on Friday 26 July 2019

Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond have made their new ambient album ‘Flow State’ available through meditation app Calm. They are the latest artist to release music through the service, following Moby and Sigur Rós.

The trio’s entry into ambient music came when they soundtracked a yoga session at the Burning Man festival in 2014. They’ve since gone on to start many of their shows with yoga sets. Which means their partnership with Calm perhaps makes the most sense out of all of artists who have collaborated with the app so far.

“Our music has always been about getting in touch with, and understanding and accepting, our emotions”, says Above & Beyond’s Paavo Siljamaki. “After those amazing yoga sets, we realised that there is a bigger place for this more reflective music within our little universe”.

“With the ‘Flow State’ project”, he adds, “we want to help bring people’s attention and focus towards helping themselves find better mental fitness and overall happiness in life. Through raised awareness, being more present, one can reach a state of flow: a creative and free state of mind where time, fear and stress dissipate”.

Moby’s contribution to Calm’s growing music library was also an ambient album, initially released exclusively through the app. Sigur Rós, meanwhile, gave it the latest of their ‘Liminal’ playlists – one aimed at sending you to sleep.

You can listen to the album in the Calm app now, or on any of the more stressful traditional music services. Play the album as a continuous mix on YouTube here: