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Access Industries rejigs Warner board

By | Published on Monday 25 July 2011

Warner Music

Following the recent completion of its takeover of Warner Music, Access Industries has rejigged the music major’s board, putting more of its own people into positions of authority.

Stephen Cooper, who serves as a director of other Access companies, will become Chairman of the board, with Access Industries’ owner Len Blavatnik as Vice Chair. Other Access Industries execs and associates Lincoln Benet, Donald Wagner, Jorg Mohaupt and Alex Blavatnik will also take seats at Warner Music’s board table.

Although incumbent Warner execs Edgar Bronfman Jr and Lyor Cohen will step down as Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the board respectively, they will both still have places on the board, as well as keeping their executive roles, the former as overall CEO, the latter as CEO of Warner’s US recorded music operations. Warner Chappell boss man Cameron Strang will also have a seat on the new board.

As previously reported, there have been rumours Bronfman Jr will step back from the CEO role in favour of Cohen, though there has been no sign of that as yet.