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Adam Lambert confirms Warner deal, new album

By | Published on Friday 16 January 2015

Adam Lambert

Yeah, Adam Lambert and Queen kinda works, doesn’t it? I’m saying this assuming you caught some or all of their BBC New Years shindig, itself a genius booking to take given the band has an upcoming UK tour to sell. And while, as tweeters were keen to note, Lambert is “no Freddie Mercury”, he is a flamboyant popstar belting out the hits in front of a bunch of old rockers, which was sort of what Queen was always about anyway.

But let’s not forget that Lambert’s not just a Queen defibrillator, oh no, he’s a top pop peddler in his own right, and having parted company with Sony’s RCA citing artistic differences back in 2013 he’s confirmed that he’s now in business with Warner Bros, which apparently put in a call within a day of his departure from RCA Towers.

He tells Billboard: “The next day, Warner Bros contacted us, which I thought was pretty amazing and it was a kind of relief. It was just a scary thing to make that announcement to the world”.

Commenting on the deal, Warner Music boss Cameron Strang said of his new signee: “I think the potential is worldwide superstar. He has fans all over the world. He’s got one of the great voices and he’s coming into his own as a person and as a man. He’s more comfortable with himself and his artistic vision of himself and I think there’s a confidence and a freedom that comes with having made more than one record”.

The first album under the Warner deal will come out this summer, with executive producer credits for Max Martin and Shellback, who first worked with the singer shortly after his ‘American Idol’ nearly-win.