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AEG adds content production studio to its brand partnerships division

By | Published on Wednesday 12 April 2017

Live music firm AEG is only bloody well launching a new branded content division so that bloody brands can stick their bloody branding on some bloody branded content.

Not that there’ll be any blood. Well, AEG is big in sport too. And sometimes sporty shenanigans result in some blood, don’t they? Gigs less so. Though it can happen. And what if AEG does a branded content partnership with United Airlines? We all know it likes blood. Preferably gushing out of the bodies of its customers. I can see the promo video now: a long line of sports people and popstars, all being dragged along the floor until they bleed.

Anyway, AEG Studios is the new branded content division of the entertainment firm, sitting alongside all the company’s existing brand partnership gubbins. The new unit will create content for AEG itself, and for its brand clients, where content is the thing that will turn a run-of-the-mill nothing-to-see-here tour or venue sponsorship campaign into a run-of-the-mill nothing-to-see-here tour or venue sponsorship campaign with a YouTube channel. Hurray!

And now, a quote. “Our partners are asking for great storytelling through original content; we have listened and are now building a world-class production company with the most innovative creators in the sports and entertainment business,” says AEG’s chief brand partnerships chap Andrew Klein. “We’re known for bringing our partners’ messages to life through cutting-edge campaigns. AEG Studios will amplify our ability not only to solve our brand partners’ needs, but also help them engage with their target audiences by bringing them the one-of-a kind pieces of content and creativity that only our network of talent, assets and resources can provide”.