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AEG dispute with Young Thug delayed a year as the rapper remains in jail

By | Published on Thursday 25 August 2022

Young Thug

While Young Thug’s arrest and incarceration earlier this year has resulted in a new legal battle with a live music company, it has also pushed back a court hearing in relation to an existing legal battle with another live entertainment firm. Which is to say, a dispute between the rapper and live giant AEG now won’t get to court until October 2023.

The existing dispute between Young Thug – real name Jeffery Williams – and AEG relates to a 2017 agreement. In late 2020, AEG complained that Williams had been involved in concerts promoted by other companies, despite it paying a $5 million advance in 2017 in order to gain exclusive rights in relation to the rapper’s shows.

Not only that, but Williams had put up some of his intellectual property rights as collateral in that deal which meant that – now he was allegedly in breach of contract – AEG might have a claim to the rapper’s trademark, his Young Stoner Life brand, and even a cut of his music publishing income.

Initially reps for Williams were busy trying to negotiate a settlement with AEG. However, with no deal being done, the dispute was heading to court this coming October. But then Williams was arrested in the US state of Georgia in May and denied bail.

In the criminal case, Williams is accused of co-founding a gang that went on to commit murders, shootings and carjackings. He was arrested and charged alongside fellow rapper Gunna and 26 others with links to the alleged gang.

The criminal action against Williams is proving quite controversial because the prosecution is in part relying on his music videos as evidence against him, a practice that is being increasingly criticised across the US. Indeed, new laws are about to go into force in California making it harder for prosecutors there to use a defendant’s creative output against them in court.

With Williams unable to secure bail, he couldn’t play a show that was due to take place in Atlanta in June. The promoter of that show, A-1 Concert, recently sued to reclaim a $150,000 advance that had been paid to the rapper, which had not been returned, despite promises that it would be.

Meanwhile, with the ongoing AEG dispute, the live giant’s lawyers requested that the scheduled upcoming court hearing be postponed by a full year. And, according to, that request has now been granted, meaning AEG’s attempts to reclaim its advance and damages from Williams won’t be heard in court until 24 Oct 2023.