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AEG will honour £2.50 tickets to BST after ‘friends and family’ link goes viral

By | Published on Monday 30 June 2014

Barclaycard British Summer Time

People who scored themselves super-bargain tickets for the British Summer Time festival that kicks off in Hyde Park this week will get into the event, it’s been confirmed.

Links started circulating on the social networks on Friday morning to a page where tickets for concerts taking place under the BST banner were on sale for just £2.50, compared to the usual £50+ price point. And the super cheap tickets were being sold by AXS, the ticketing company of BST promoter AEG Live, so it all seemed legit.

And legit it was, sort of. In that the link to super-cheap tickets was meant only for friends and family of key partners involved in the event, and not for all the tweeters and Facebookers who also got access to the bargain priced ticket offer.

Presumably there was a limit on the number of friends and family tickets available, though it’s not clear how many were snapped up on Friday morning after the secret link went viral, nor whether AEG Live was then forced to make additional bargain priced tickets available for those actually eligible for them.

Either way, a spokesman for AXS told the International Business Times that anyone with a £2.50 ticket will get access to the festival. Given that lots of festivals have friends and family links to discounted tickets it’s actually surprising this doesn’t happen more often, though the discounts aren’t usually so generous.