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Aerosmith bassist on how the band stayed together

By | Published on Friday 9 April 2010

Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton has given us a little insight into what was going on behind the scenes with the band earlier this year when it looked like Steven Tyler had quit and the search for a new frontman had begun.

As previously reported, there seemed to be much confusion in the Aerosmith camp with Tyler insisting he was still in, but his bandmates saying he was taking a sabbatical and they were actively looking for a temporary replacement. Then Tyler’s manager Skip Miller threatened to go legal if the rest of the band tried to carry on without him. And then all seemed to be OK again, and a new European tour was subsequently announced.

Speaking to the Boston Herald, Hamilton revealed it all came together at a make or break meeting shortly after Miller’s legal threats. He said: “There was management there. [We were] all lawyered up. There was a lot of sort of reconciling and processing feelings and stuff. Everyone said how they wanted things to be in the future and it became clear that, for everybody, the coolest thing to do would be to resolve things with the band. The phone was ringing. People wanted to see the band. We finally realised, even with all the BS flying around, that there was a beautiful thing right there if we had enough sense to grab it”.

In the same interview Hamilton praised bandmate Tyler for his recent rehab stint to try and kick an addiction to painkillers, a period of treatment which may have aided the band staying together. Hamilton: “[It was an] intensive sobriety treatment [programme]. He took a really big step and it was really great”.