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Aerosmith: Now Steven can’t find Joe

By | Published on Monday 10 January 2011


Until recently it was Aerosmith’s guitar man Joe Perry who was constantly complaining about frontman Steven Tyler’s unavailability to record new music or go on tour, so much so Perry was considering finding a new frontman for the band. But now Tyler says it’s Perry who has gone AWOL preventing Aerosmith from getting back into the studio.

Tyler told Rolling Stone: “I’m trying to rally the guys together. We’re having trouble getting Joe. I don’t know where he is, but [if he’s reading this, he should] just come down to LA at the end of January sometime. I’ve had enough downtime. As far as Joe goes, look, the guy’s got LSD – Lead Strummer Disorder. We’ve been brothers forever. He’s just going through his thing. I think the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of unrecorded Joe Perry licks floating around in the ether somewhere”.

Commenting on recent acrimony between the bandmates, most recently seen with Perry’s criticism of Tyler’s decision to become a judge on ‘American Idol’, the Aerosmith frontman continued: “We just have to get together and put the shit together. That’s all. We’re all musicians, and what does that say for itself? We’re like peripheral visionaries. We don’t see what’s in front of us more often than not. We see what’s off to the sides. I just need to get them all together and put it together to be a band that is. That’s all”.