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After a few drinks, Louis Tomlinson likes to listen to One Direction

By | Published on Monday 3 February 2020

Louis Tomlinson

We’ve all got music we like to specifically put on when we’re drunk. Sometimes it’s music that meant something to you when you were younger. Sometimes it’s just because you have lower standards when you’ve had a few. For Louis Tomlinson, it’s apparently both – his drunken favourites being One Direction.

“I probably have two or three moments a year, and it’ll just happen – normally after being drunk”, he tells Billboard. “We’ll get back to the house and have bit of a One Direction marathon. I have to be a bit drunk, because otherwise I think it’s a bit naff. But if I’ve had a few drinks, I love reminiscing on the songs, thinking about when they were written and stuff like that”.

He adds that a particular favourite is ‘Clouds’ from the band’s ‘Four’ album, saying: “We opened the tour with it and – I’ve got goosebumps now – every time I hear that song, it takes me back to that stadium tour”.

Tomlinson released his debut solo album ‘Walls’ last week. Maybe one day he’ll listen to that drunk too.