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After killing synth-pop, La Roux look for their next victim

By | Published on Friday 29 October 2010

La Roux’s Elly Jackson has declared synth-based pop dead in a new interview. And she would know, being the very person who killed it with her awful, awful songs. Now she’s keen to move on and fuck up another genre instead. No, Elly Jackson, you stay right where you are. Synth-pop is yours now, you sit and play with it and just leave everyone else alone, OK?

Oh dear, she’s not listening. Speaking about the direction the duo’s next album is taking, Jackson told Spinner: “I don’t want to make synth music for the rest of my fucking life. It was a time when I was into that, but whatever, it’s done with, it’s gone. The whole genre is so over. It was my thing and I’m bored with it. If I see anything more 80s-themed, I’m going to bust”.

She continued: “I’m impatient for a new direction as anybody else is, but I think it’s going to be a bit of a new discovery. No more than six months from now, we’ll be really pushing it. But at the same time, we have some experimenting to be done. I know what my influences are, so there’s no problem there”.

As for why her songs are such a load of old rubbish, she explained: “We’re not one of those artists that writes 50 songs and picks the ten best ones. We write ten songs and every one will go on the record”.