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AIM to offer free diversity training to members

By | Published on Monday 24 May 2021


The UK’s trade body for the indie sector, the Association Of Independent Music, has launched a new equality, diversity and inclusion training programme, which it is calling EDI Level-Up.

Lead by diversity consultants Arit Eminue and Vick Bain, there will be five free training sessions for AIM members, plus two more for people in leadership roles. The first five sessions will cover identifying and discussing biases, legislation around discrimination, and implementing ‘conscious inclusion’ at companies.

“The independent community is founded on the principle that all voices should be heard and respected”, says AIM CEO Paul Pacifico. “AIM has campaigned for many years on multiple aspects of social justice and inclusion. These sessions come from our acknowledgement that we cannot ever rest on our laurels and that we need to do more to ensure an ever more equitable, diverse and inclusive independent music community”.

The first session will take place next month and the course will run through to March next year.