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Albarn slurs about Blur

By | Published on Friday 28 February 2014

Damon Albarn

So listen up, this is big. Blur have done lot of new songs. Over ten. In fact, they’ve written fifteen! And recorded them!

The caveat? They aren’t going to do anything with the songs, like release them, or share them, or anything. And how dare you assume they would. The audacity.

By all appearances battling a severe case of sleepiness at Wednesday night’s NME Awards, Damon Albarn said when asked if a new Blur LP was ‘in the works’: “Oh, for god’s sake. Why are you asking me that?”

Then he said: “All of us are doing other stuff at the moment. This year, and maybe next year, and maybe the next year after that, I’m doing other stuff. That doesn’t mean that in three years time we’re gonna make a record”.

“We recorded fifteen songs, but just because you record fifteen ideas doesn’t mean that you’ve got an album”.

So there you have it. Now go away. And take this video for Damon Albarn’s new solo single, ‘Lonely Press Play’ (from his forthcoming ‘Everyday Robots) LP with you.