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Album Reviews: Gregor Tresher – Lights From The Inside (Break New Soil Recordings)

By | Published on Monday 6 June 2011

Gregor Tresher

There’s a stripped-down feel to this third album from Frankfurt DJ Tresher, which attempts to straddle various dance sub genres (techno, house and IDM). So, does minimal techno equal minimal tuneage? On this evidence, sadly the answer is yes, although there are occasional glimpses of well-crafted melodicism.

The opening two tracks are solid slices of moody electro (and the same goes for the closing track ‘Destroy’, or ‘If Only’, which is painfully short at less than two minutes) but sadly most of the album is rather muted. Too many tracks meander around a bit, consider going somewhere interesting but don’t, and then call it a day. It makes for a frustrating listen as Tresher clearly has talent. And whilst some of these tracks will sound more impressive in a club environment, we’re in worrying times if a dance music album you listen to at home just sounds boring.

‘LFTI’ is diverting in places but nonetheless feels like a missed opportunity. MS

Physical release: 6 Jun