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Alesha Dixon on Stereo Kicks: “What’s wrong with these bands?”

By | Published on Monday 27 July 2015

Stereo Kicks

Alesha Dixon, officially allowed an opinion on such things in her guise as ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judge, and possibly as a one time popstar, isn’t impressed with the unsigned eight-mouths-to-feed Stereo Kicks giving up quite so quickly.

As previously reported, the oversized boy band created by the last series of ‘X-Factor’ announced they were calling it a day earlier this month, having been unable to get a decent record deal signed, and following the somewhat lacklustre performance of their debut single ‘Love Me So’.

But Dixon is not impressed with such little commitment to making it in pop. She told Radio City: “What’s wrong with all these bands? They’ve been together two minutes. It’s not like the old days when people grafted for years and years, and stayed together for years and years. Those days are gone. Well I wish them the best of luck, you know. They’re nice guys and they’re talented. It’s a shame”.

Going in for the double diss after that little big up of the Stereo Kicks boys, she went on: “This industry isn’t easy, but nothing is in life. That’s life, you know. You have to work for all the things that you want and the rewards are great when you put the work in. I think that the boys are going to have a great career whatever they do, because they’re talented, and I think that’s such a shame that they’ve split up. But that’s the nature of bands. They all have a shelf-life and some are shorter than others”.

It’s true you know. Though that was a particularly short shelf stay.