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Single Review: Alesha Dixon – The Boy Does Nothing (Warner/Asylum)

By | Published on Monday 10 November 2008

Alesha Dixon

Fresh from her ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ victory, the obvious thing for Alesha to do is try to revive her music career, and this single begins that attempt. Since the split of Mis-teeq, I’d be hard pushed to name one of Alesha’s musical endevours, though her appearance in NERD’s video for ‘She Wants To Move’ does come to mind, though that’s because Alesha was doing what she does best – dancing. And her moves in the video for this song would score her a perfect 10 amongst those of us who wish to play judge. However, the song isn’t as good. Though, to be fair, it’s not all that bad either. The mambo back drop is catchy and the subject matter – Alesha’s wondering just why it is that boys never seem able to wash up, clean up or brush up – should bring a smile, especially to us sympathetic ladies in the audience. But is it enough to relaunch a career? Not on its own, even with the dancing. SD

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