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Alex James apologises for festival failure

By | Published on Tuesday 8 November 2011

Alex James

Blur’s Alex James has sent a personal apology to creditors of a festival held on his farm in Oxfordshire, after the promoter Big Wheel Promotions went into administration.

As previously reported, James hosted one of two Harvest festivals on his farm back in September. Telly presenter and real life farmer Jimmy Doherty held a sister event on his farm in Suffolk. The company behind the two events disappeared off the radar late last month, with ticket sales for announced 2012 events going offline, and it subsequently materialised that Big Wheel had gone into administration. Among the unpaid creditors was a primary school near James’ farm which organised for some local talent to appear at the event, for which it is still owed £7000.

In a letter to over 100 creditors, including artists, stall holders and the previously mentioned primary school, James wrote: “I am appalled by Big Wheel’s financial management of the festival held at my farm, which has left many out of pocket. Please be aware that I have no relationship with Big Wheel, beyond allowing them to stage the Harvest Festival at my farm and – regrettably – to use my name to stage the event. At no stage was there ever any indication that they would be unable to meet their costs. The news has come as a complete bolt from the blue”.