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Alexander Tucker announces new album, Guild Of The Asbestos Weaver

By | Published on Friday 21 June 2019

Alexander Tucker

It only feels like five minutes since Alexander Tucker released a new album. But it’s not, it’s ten months. Your perception of time is way off. And when ‘Guild Of The Asbestos Weaver’ comes out, it’ll be one day shy of a year since ‘Don’t Look Away’.

Out on 23 Aug, the new LP draws on various influences outside of music – not least in its title, which is lifted from Ray Bradbury’s book ‘Fahrenheit 451’.

Tucker explains: “With this album I wanted to join together separate key influences that have affected my work, from science fiction and cosmic horror comics, film and literature to minimalist, drone and dream music composition. My aim was to weave these elements into repetitious cycles that guide the listener into worlds both uncanny and familiar”.

If you fancy seeing the new songs performed live, Tucker will play The Quietus Social at The Social in London on 26 Sep. For now, here’s a far too brief trailer for the album: