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#AlexFromGlasto releases debut single

By | Published on Friday 26 July 2019

Alex Mann

The teenager whose impromptu guest appearance with rapper Dave at this year’s Glastonbury festival went viral, Alex Mann, has now released his debut single. Because of course he has.

As you may remember, six weeks ago Dave was performing at Glastonbury and got to the bit in his set where he was to perform AJ Tracey collaboration ‘Thiago Silva’. But Tracey was not there, what to do? He asked if anyone in the crowd would be able to step in. Mann and his friends made it clear that he could. He did. And a star was born.

Of course, you might be thinking that Mann already had some music in the bag and his impromptu Glasto spot provided a fortuitous platform to promote it. Although the line in the new track “It’s Alex from Glasto, see me on stage with my hat low” suggests not.

Whatever, this track, ‘What Ya Kno Bout That Bro’, has been premiered on GRM Daily. Says the young rapper: “I’m so grateful for what’s happened. Six weeks ago I finished my GCSEs and then went to Glastonbury with a few of my mates. Dave changed my life forever”.

So that’s nice for him, but I think anyone else involved in this should probably be feeling a bit sheepish right now. Listen to the track here: