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All Guns N Roses gigs are off (or not)

By | Published on Monday 16 August 2010

So late last night our time Axl Rose took to Twitter and tweeted “All upcoming Guns N Roses dates are officially cancelled. Please contact your place of purchase for any refunds”. Or at least someone posted that on Rose’s verified Twitter feed, a representative for the Reading and Leeds festivals (where GnR have a headline slot) has told reporters that the account was hacked.

In fact, if you look at the actual tweet, it’s the first to the account since May and was posted from Twitter’s mobile website, rather than the Twitter for iPhone app, where most of Axl’s tweets have previously come from. No other official online outlet for the band has mentioned it, except the band’s Facebook page, where whoever operates it has said that they are “looking into this tweet”.

Still, that tweet was posted fourteen hours ago now, and is still sitting there on Axl’s profile. There’s been no official confirmation or denial of anything yet either, save for the Reading and Leeds statement. It probably is nothing, but it’s still funny that Axl Rose has such a reputation for being erratic when it comes to gigs that few even questioned the authenticity of the cancellation message. In reality, save for the odd natural disaster, Axl and the band have been getting on with their current world tour quite happily of late.

As well as their Reading and Leeds performances, the band are also due to play a series of arena dates in the UK in October.

We’ll let you know more if and when we get it via the CMU Twitter feed – Though anything we do tweet might actually be the words of a hacker, so I wouldn’t trust us. Or anyone. Ever.