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All signs point to something going on at Fabric

By | Published on Wednesday 16 January 2019


Fabric now has arrows. Yesterday we brought you news that the London club had wiped its social media accounts and website, as well as putting big black boards up around the venue itself. Well now there are some big white arrows on those boards and a message suggesting that the venue definitely hasn’t just closed down.

The blacking out of the club’s website and deletion of all of its Twitter and Instagram posts, replacing them with a single black square, hinted at a big fat publicity stunt. However, some of those who only saw the Facebook page deleted entirely, or the physical club boarded up, feared it had been shut down. The venue, of course, closed temporarily in 2016 after its licence was revoked.

However, others speculated that it was all to do with Fabric’s upcoming 20th anniversary – something hinted at by automatic email replies from Fabric staff, containing 20 black squares. Now a further indication of that has arrived.

Yesterday, two large arrows were painted on the boards in front of the club – a picture of which replaced the black squares on Twitter and Instagram. Anyone able to get down to Farringdon to take a look will find that those arrows point to a message, reading: “The next chapter starts here. Love, fabric xx”.

Now, it could be that this is Fabric affectionally announcing that the building is being turned into something entirely different. But many sharp-eyed folks have noted that XX is Roman numerals for 20. I hope it’s kisses too though.