Alleged Joss Stone attackers in court

By | Published on Tuesday 19 March 2013

Joss Stone

A sword, a lock knife, a hammer, a section of hosepipe, a spike, black bags and gaffer tape made up the kit put together by Junior Bradshaw and Kevin Liverpool as they headed to the home of Joss Stone to kill the pop star in June 2011, or so said the prosecution as they set out their evidence against the two men in Exeter Crown Court yesterday.

The two men are accused of planning to murder Stone in a gruesome plot, elements of which were contained in notes also found in the accused men’s car after they were stopped by police. Bradshaw and Liverpool, it seems, got lost looking for Stone’s Devon home, causing local residents to become suspicious enough to call the police. Prosecutors said yesterday that the singer was at her house as the two men tried to locate it.

Bradshaw and Liverpool deny the charges of conspiracy to murder, rob and cause grievous bodily harm. But the two men’s notes, prosecutors said, revealed plans to decapitate Stone before dumping her body into a nearby river. The motive for the plot isn’t entirely clear – nor relevant, said the prosecution yesterday – though it’s thought that Stone’s social connections with royalty might have motivated the alleged planned attack.

Bradshaw and Liverpool’s trial is expected to last for up to three weeks, though Stone is not expected to formally appear as part of the proceedings.