Alleged Joss Stone murder plotters appear in court

By | Published on Friday 17 June 2011

Joss Stone

The two men accused of plotting to rob and kill Joss Stone appeared at Essex Magistrates Court yesterday to enter a plea, following their arrest on Monday.

As previously reported, earlier this week neighbours alerted police to a car driving suspiciously near the village of Cullompton in Devon, where Stone lives. When they stopped the men’s car, police found swords, rope and a body bag, plus aerial photographs of Stone’s home. At yesterday’s court hearing a number of notes also found in the car were read out. They allegedly said things like “find Joss Stone’s address on Google” and “rob and kill Jocelyn, money in safe, find a river to dump her in”.

The pair were remanded in custody after magistrates ruled that the charges were too serious for them to be granted bail. They will appear again for a preliminary hearing on 1 Jul.