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Alt-Fest is cancelled, headliners confirm

By | Published on Friday 1 August 2014


It seems that the first ever Alt-Fest, which had been scheduled to take place in Kettering on 15-17 Aug, has been cancelled. Only thing is, it’s the heavy rock festival’s headline acts, not its organising body, announcing the cancellation, with both Gary Numan and Marilyn Manson sharing the news with fans via their social media sites whilst Alt-Fest HQ has remained tight-lipped.

The last definitive sign that all isn’t fine at Alt-Fest came earlier this week, amid widespread reports from fans and bands that the festival wasn’t going ahead as planned. Writing via a Facebook statement, its main promoters Missy and Dominic Void apologised for their silence over the matter, adding: “We are working all hours to deal with some extremely challenging and stressful issues”.

Whilst the pair stopped short of actually cancelling the event, they did add that an official statement revealing all will be released over the weekend.

Impatient, as are many ticket-holders and acts playing the fest, to get clarification on Alt-Fest’s status either way, Italian trance band XP8 have complained that they are being kept in the dark and “treated as a ‘b series’ band”, adding in a later Facebook post that: “This situation is frustrating for all and everyone involved, and I am afraid that no matter how it will be resolved in the end, we all lost a lot in this”.

As previously reported, Alt-Fest raised £60,000 in funding for its inaugural edition via Kickstarter earlier this year, double what organisers originally asked for. It’s not clear what will happen to that money now, which has presumably been spent already.