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Alt-Fest raises over £60k via Kickstarter

By | Published on Monday 8 April 2013


As LeeFest kicked off its Kickstarter campaign to help fund expansion last week, another festival-related crowd-sourcing initiative reached its climax, this one for a brand new event that will take place in August 2014.

And the Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for the inaugural Alt-Fest raised over £60,000, double what organisers originally asked for. Those who pledged money to the event, which will take place from 15-17 Aug next year at Boughton House in Kettering, will now be regularly consulted about the creative direction of the festival. A sizable line-up has already been secured, with the booking of headliners next on the agenda.

Responding to the £61,672 raised on Kickstarter, and the people who provided the backing, Alt-Fest founder Dom Void told CMU: “The most important thing to say is ‘thank you’! We’re thrilled with the response and honoured that so many people have supported Alt-Fest via Kickstarter. The enthusiasm for the event is hugely encouraging, we can’t wait to involve all the people in the next steps of the process”.

He continued: “There may be well over a year to go but there will be a regular communication with our backers and together we hope they can help us build an amazing festival, not just with the money they’ve now contributed but with their opinions too. After all, who knows music and festivals better than the fans themselves? This is just the start and there will be lots more ways for people to get involved in the coming weeks so keep watching the website”.