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Amanda Palmer announces stripped down tour

By | Published on Monday 15 August 2016

Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer has announced that she will play three UK shows in October, in Brighton, Edinburgh and Liverpool.

“I am taking it back to basics”, she says of the shows. “I am going on a short, super-stripped down tour with just me, a suitcase, a piano, a ukulele, and a baby. (And two kick-ass friends, Whitney and Justine, to help me with travel and baby). Just Me. Piano. Songs. Some old songs, some new songs, lots of feelings, lots of ridiculousness. Certainly wine. Babies and piano and wine actually go together phenomenally”.

On her decision to played stripped down sets, she adds: “I feel like people have forgotten that behind everything – the Kickstarter, the TED talk, the book, the crazy art projects – I am fundamentally a songwriter who performs her own songs on a stage… that’s the source. Sometimes I even forget. It’s time to get back on stage and remind myself and everybody else that without the music, there’s nothing. It drives me crazy when people have read my book three times cover to cover but don’t bother to look up the music of The Dresden Dolls or dig into my songwriting catalogue. Time to fix that”.

Yeah, put down that book and go to one of these shows:

22 Oct: Brighton, All Saints Church
23 Oct: Liverpool, Central Library
26 Oct: Edinburgh, Liquid Room