Amazing Radio to return to DAB

By | Published on Friday 10 May 2013

Amazing Radio

Amazing Radio has announced its return to DAB a year after contractual problems forced it off the national Digital One network.

As previously reported, the independent music radio station had broadcast on the Digital One platform since 2009, but ended its DAB broadcasts last May because of an undisclosed contractual disagreement between it and Arquiva, the operator of said network. Fans of the new music station immediately launched a petition, though it has taken until now to resolve the issues.

The station will not return to the national Digital One network initially though, rather to Arquiva’s D2 network, which covers London and the South East.

Programme Director Matt Jamison told CMU: “We were sad to come off DAB, but we kept going online and on mobile Apps, increasing our audience and improving our output every month. Now we’re back, bigger and hopefully better, broadcasting in London and the South East initially on the D2 DAB multiplex”.

The station will recommence DAB broadcasts from 13 May, exactly a year after it went disappeared from the network, with a burst of birdsong – a nod to the popular birdsong channel that was also taken off the air last year.