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Amazon launches Prime Music in Canada

By | Published on Thursday 16 November 2017


Amazon Prime Music has launched in Canada, giving Canadian members of the web giant’s free delivery club access to the limited catalogue streaming music set-up at no extra cost.

In the UK and elsewhere, Amazon currently offers two streaming music services. The first, bundled in with Prime membership, offers a catalogue of two million songs with a focus on curated playlists. This is what Canada now has access to – although with a catalogue of one million songs initially.

“Music plays such an important role in our customers’ lives, and we’re excited to provide an even better Prime experience for Canada with the launch of Prime Music”, says Mike Strauch, Country Manager for Amazon Canada. “The combination of music and natural language voice controls with [Amazon’s voice control assistant] Alexa, paired with playlists and stations developed uniquely for our customers, further highlights the value of Amazon Prime membership”.

Amazon’s other streaming music offer, Music Unlimited, is not currently available in Canada. Launched in the US and UK last year, this service is a more direct competitor with the likes of Spotify, offering fully on-demand streaming of a catalogue of more than 40 million tracks for ten dollars/pounds a month. Though with Amazon Music Unlimited cheaper options are also available for Prime members or anyone willing to only access the service via an Amazon Echo speaker.