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Amazon Music For Artists app and website launches

By | Published on Monday 16 March 2020


Amazon last week launched its much anticipated Amazon Music For Artists service, following Spotify and Apple in providing extra tools and resources for artists to help them better understand how the web giant’s streaming services work and how their own music is performing.

The core product is an iOS and Android app which will tell artists and their management teams how their albums and tracks are performing on the various versions of the Amazon streaming platform. That will include geographic and playlist information, and also what voice requests to Alexa led to plays. The app is accompanied by a new website at full of lovely information and tips.

Spotify was the first to launch tools and analytics for artists and managers, recognising that artists were otherwise reliant on their labels or distributors to access usage data in relation to their music. Some labels and distributors have, of course, invested heavily in providing their own data portals for artists, but not every label or distributor offers that kind of service.