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Amazon to push ‘U2 experience’ out to music streaming apps

By | Published on Wednesday 29 November 2017


Taking note of what a massive success it was when Apple snuck a free U2 album onto everyone’s iPhones, Amazon is going to push out a collection of interviews and live performances by the band to users of its streaming service.

‘The U2 Experience’ will feature new and archive interviews with the band, as well as live performances from their new album, ‘Songs Of Experience’. It’ll basically be like that upcoming BBC One show, but you’ll be able to shout at it to shut up.

OK, I suppose you can shout at the BBC One show to shut up, but the Amazon thing is being pushed out to the company’s Echo voice controlled speakers, so it will actually have some effect.

“I hope you don’t need to know anything about U2, or anything about the context, to enjoy [‘Songs Of Experience’]”, says The Edge, basically telling you not to bother with this Amazon thing, which is a funny thing to do in a quote promoting it. “I think it’s an album of just classic songs, great melodies great hooks, great lyrics”.

Amazon Music’s Global Head Of Programming, Alex Luke does a bit of a better job, saying: “Few bands have as storied a career as U2, and we saw an incredible opportunity to build a broadcast for their fans. This all goes back to voice innovation, and what we’ve built is an immersive, ephemeral listening experience for our customers, with a wealth of interviews and content going back nearly 40 years”.

By “immersive”, he just means you can choose which bits you listen to, I think. Sounds like there’s quite a lot of it to get through though, so I guess you could metaphorically drown in U2 content. Drowning is immersive. He’s basically saying that ‘The U2 Experience’ will slowly suffocate you.

UK-based Amazon Music users will be able to get access to that experience from 11pm tonight. More info here.