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Single Review: !!! – AM/FM? (Warp)

By | Published on Tuesday 27 July 2010


A driving anthem in a vein more suited to Hunter S Thomson than Bruce Springsteen, the twitching, swirling and (obviously) booty shaking ‘AM/FM?’ marks a welcome and rather sublime return for !!!

The first track from their upcoming album ‘Strange Weather, Isn’t It?’ writhes in like the mature sugarfree Red Bull to !!!’s intensely syrup-packed 2007 album ‘Myth Takes’. This is no bad thing. Much of their signature busy-busy basslines have been sidelined, and the synapse pestering pumped up funk of before is slightly more muted. There’s still that twinge of hedonism, but this time the coyly insistent vocals and swirling grooves of the track leave a little more to the imagination.

Beguiling, hypnotic, and absurdly head-nod-inducing ‘AM/FM?’ travels through the airways and onto the dance-floor in one irresistible oscillation. EG

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