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Andrew Lloyd Webber “discovered” Rihanna but did nothing

By | Published on Thursday 15 December 2016


Andrew Lloyd Webber has made the bold claim that he “discovered Rihanna”. By which he seems to mean that he heard her sing once and then did nothing.

In an interview on ‘Good Morning Britain’, Webber said that he and Nigel Wright, with whom he made those ‘let’s find someone who is good at singing’ TV shows, saw Rihanna singing in a hotel in Barbados. Although they both thought that she sounded “very, very good”, they chose not to approach her about working with them, in case they were under the same sort of holiday spell that leads you to buy disgusting local alcohol while abroad.

“I said to Nigel, ‘If we bring her back, you know it’s like when you see a picture when you’re away and you take it home and you think, why did I buy that?'” Webber claims. “I thought, you know, we’ll get her back, it’ll be fine, but then what do we do with her?”

Looking back, he says that he was “not proud” of the decision. Yeah, Webber, the alcohol Barbados is known for is rum. And rum is great. Let that be a lesson to you.