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Angel Haze: “More people should rebel against the music industry”

By | Published on Wednesday 22 January 2014

Angel Haze

Everyone’s far too scared of pissing off their record companies, or so says Angel Haze. And she is qualified to speak on this subject, because at the end of last year she leaked her (really very good) debut album, ‘Dirty Gold’, out of frustration that Universal wasn’t going to release it until March.

She tells the NME: “I did it because I was frustrated. I felt completely brushed off. I leaked the album for personal reasons. It was about saying ‘Don’t fuck with me, dude’ because, at the end of the day, I’ll always choose my artistry”.

The label did ultimately bring the release forward, so it’s a win as far as she’s concerned. She continued: “Everyone thinks I’m this rambunctious fireball that does whatever she wants, and I’m not. But I do think more people should rebel against the music industry – if the machine doesn’t work for you, you break it and you fix it and you make it work for you instead. There are no other options aside from getting fucked – and I don’t think many people want that”.