Another lawsuit for former Gaga collaborator

By | Published on Friday 21 October 2011

Lady Gaga

Another former collaborator has come out of the woodwork making claims against Rob Fusari, the producer who himself collaborated with Lady Gaga at the start of her career. Fusari, also an ex-boyfriend of the Gaga, sued the popstress once she became a global superstar claiming he’d been deprived of his cut of the profits that had been promised at the outset. The two former partners and collaborators reached an out of court settlement.

Since then another producer, Calvin Gaines, sued Fusari, claiming that he had not been paid for work he had done on Gaga’s early work, his agreement being with Fusari and not the singer directly. And now an LA-based pop duo called Purple Crush are also suing the former Gaga ally, claiming they too worked for the producer on various projects, including – it seems – some work for pop’s Lady, but, they claim, they have never been paid. According to LA Weekly, the duo also allege Fusari promised to get them a record deal as artists themselves, but that never happened.

The LA paper says that Purple Crush proposed a settlement to the tune of ten grand earlier this year, but Fusari refused and instead sued the songwriting duo. They have responded with their own lawsuit, though things are complicated because they are struggling to pay a lawyer to represent them. Fusari has not yet commented on this particular action.