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Another round of anti-piracy web-blocks instigated in the UK

By | Published on Monday 26 July 2021


Another load of piracy websites have been officially blocked in the UK, though this time round the web-blocking injunction was secured by the Motion Picture Association, so it’s mainly unlicensed services that skew towards films and TV shows that are targeted.

Web-blocking is a preferred anti-piracy tactic of both the music and movie industries, of course, or at least it is in those countries where it is an option.

Record companies and movie studios get injunctions from the courts forcing internet service providers to block their customers from accessing specific copyright infringing websites, including sites providing access to unlicensed downloads and streams, as well as stream-ripping services. There are now a stack of such web-blocks in force in the UK.

The MPA confirmed to Torrentfreak that it recently secured another web-blocking injunction targeting more than a dozen websites, including Myflixer, Soap2day, Lookmovie and Moviesjoy.

On its ongoing anti-piracy work, the movie industry trade group told Torrentfreak: “Piracy harms everyone involved in the creative process – from writers, directors, and producers to cast and crew. It also harms consumers by exposing families to malware, identity theft and fraud. We plan to continue working with authorities across the region to implement these and other appropriate legal remedies in support of a safer and healthier online environment”.