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Ant & Dec to host the BRITs (yes, in 2015)

By | Published on Thursday 30 October 2014

Ant & Dec

Hey, hey, what? No? Yes! Ant & Dec are only bloody well hosting the 2015 BRIT Awards, which is very exciting news indeed.

Well, it would have been fourteen years ago when they were still funny. Which is presumably why they were booked to host the music industry’s big bash that year too. But BRITs 2015, Ant & Dec, that could work. Couldn’t it?

And remember, while for you the BRITs is a big free party paid for by some credit industry twonks, for ITV it’s a television programme. And the ratings have been slipping. And when ITV has a ratings slippage, it employs Ant & Dec. It’s called stratagem four-point-five. It was either that or Norris from Corrie. Which actually, I think I’d have preferred.

But anyway, Ant & Dec to host the BRITs. Woooooooooooooo! And that’s me quoting BRITs chief Max Lousada there. Well, almost.

Says Lousada: “Ant & Dec are two of the most popular TV broadcasters this country has ever produced and it’s a real honour to have them take centre stage once again to host the BRITs. It’s great that these two pillars of British TV will be part of a night about celebrating icons in British music”.

Look at it this way, if the new BRITs show strategy is wheeling out pop telly show hosts of old in chronological order, that’ll mean ‘Popworld’ co-host Simon Amstell in 2017. And I think deep down that’s what we’re all sitting around here waiting for.