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Anti-racism event to coincide with Morrissey show in Manchester

By | Published on Wednesday 27 June 2018


Former Haçienda DJ Dave Haslam has announced a free party for lapsed Morrissey fans. The One Nation Under A Groove all-dayer will coincide with the former Smiths frontman’s second show at Manchester’s Castlefield Bowl next month. Raising money for Love Music Hate Racism, the event is a “response to Morrissey’s divisive views, and his support for the far right”.

Morrissey has, of course, come in for a great deal of criticism for comments he has made in interviews in recent years, and ever more so of late.

Although he has dismissed many of these as the media twisting his words, he has also said some unsavoury things in more ‘friendly’ outlets, including on his own website. Recently, in an interview with a fan site, he expressed solidarity with jailed EDL founder Tommy Robinson and support for a far right political party.

“Morrissey hasn’t lived in [Manchester] for 30 years”, says Haslam on the event’s Facebook page. “He lives abroad in tax exile and has now joined the ranks of various right-wing politicians, tax exiles, tabloids, and media hate-slingers seeking to divide our community”.

“Manchester is our home, it’s a city built on immigration, a city with an amazing legacy of great bands and wonderful clubs”, he continues. “How do we counter the hate? Let the music do the talking; by throwing a free party, a celebratory all-dayer of beautifully diverse soul-filled, hope-filled music”.

On the line up for the event are Haslam himself, Greg Thorpe, Ifran Rainy, Chad Jackson, Katbrownsugar, Abigail Ward, The Orielles and more.

Earlier this week, former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr said that he felt no loyalty to his former bandmate and denounced Morrissey’s political views. “I don’t feel the need to stick by anyone unless I agree with what they’re saying”, he told Channel 4 News. “Of course I disagree with what he’s saying. I don’t think that’s really a surprise that I would disagree with what Morrissey’s saying. I think everyone would expect that I disagree”.

One Nation Under A Groove is set to take place at Revolution on Manchester’s Deansgate Lock’s on 8 Jul from 3pm to midnight. Haslam also notes that “Morrissey fans on their way to or back from his concert are more than welcome”.